Minted Teddy Website

Teddy Genesis Edition

Ultra Rare Edition: 20

ArtGo Genesis Edition

Ultra Rare Edition: 20

Lambo Genesis Edition

Ultra Rare Edition: 20

How Does This Work?

1. Buy a toy on

2. Unbox and follow easy instructions to claim your NFT.

Made to Order

TOYMINT is all about sustainability, so each toy is made to order. Once ordered please expect 4 weeks for delivery. Yeah we're not Amazon, but the good news is our shipping is free worldwide!


Show Me the Goods

'Nuff said. Show me whatchu got.

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Can I get an NFT if I don't own physical toy?

For Genesis Edition toys the matching toy is required to unlock the NFT.

How long till they ship?

We ship usually within 4 weeks. It could take longer, or perhaps surprise you at your door sooner, but postal services are fickle like that.

Will I have to pay shipping fees?

Nope! Shipping is free worldwide.

Is the NFT mint # related to the physical toy?

Yes! The physical toy links to the NFT #. You can sell the NFT or keep it; the choice is yours. However, why would you ever want one without the other? Together the NFT and physical toy make a fantastic duo like Batman & Robin, Tom & Jerry, Mario & Luigi—we urge you to keep the team together.

What comes in the box?

Genesis Edition toy with a link to a matching NFT.

A Certificate of Authenticity (blockchain-based).

Zero-mess box. We wont plague you with a bunch of filler you would just throw into the landfill.