A snapshot of TOYMINT Lambo Genesis NFT artwork.

 If we are to save the planet from the ecosystem collapse, we need to raise the next generation of kids differently from how we were raised - raise them with a mindset, knowledge, and tools to build and maintain a sustainable society. We can fix everything that is wrong with this world in just one generation. 

Inspired by how Tesla disrupted the auto industry and got all automakers to accelerate the transition from internal combustion engines to electric cars, TOYMINT is embarking on a journey of creating a model for the sustainable toy industry. 

The world needs better toys.

 The toy industry is all about novelty and consumption. Dominated by a handful of giant corporations, the formula is to create a demand for a toy through extensive multi-dimensional marketing, often leveraging popular cartoons and movies, and sell as many as possible. Once the toy is released, it has a short life span in the market as companies move on to the next toy to address a new hype. 

Most of the investment goes to marketing, not in the construction of the toy itself.

This means parents are paying for marketing - the intangible, perceived value created by clever marketers to make kids desire and demand specific toys. The tangible part is an afterthought - cheap and flimsy toys that break easily.

It is time to stop buying plastic trash masked as toys for our children short-term entertainment. We can do better. Kids deserve better toys. 

TOYMINT is on the mission to create a better future by building toys that elevate kids' financials and environmental impact. Join us!