Toymint reimagines the teddy bear for the Metaverse

Toymint reimagines the teddy bear for the Metaverse

WEST VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, September 25, 2021 / -- The team behind TOYMINT is going all-in on the NFT avatar project that parents and kids can enjoy together. Minted Teddy is a unique project because it transcends worlds - the physical world as a beautiful, sustainable toy - and the digital world as a 3D teddy - evolving into a true metaverse experience.

Minted Teddy is a collection of 11,111 Teddy NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain where early collectors reap the benefits of a cascading drop schedule to get more teddies.

The Minted Teddy will live in the real world as a beautiful toy and the digital world as a metaverse-ready teddy avatar.

The project pushes the limits of 3D avatar art optimized for the most attractive profile picture effect, rich in color and energy.

Minted Teddy radiates optimism and light - a much-needed fresh character to impact new generations and their future positively.

The team - perhaps jokingly - compares the Minted Teddy to Mickey Mouse and the NFT to the ticket to Disneyland. The NFT doubles as your Minted Teddy Club membership with exclusive access to merchandise, toys, and events.

Teddies start minting in October