A snapshot of TOYMINT Artgo Genesis NFT artwork.

Toys are an essential parts of upbringing. Yet, we neglect to apply mindfulness and sustainable design principles to toy manufacturing and ownership.

Toys are the first asset that kids own and manage.

Kids borrow mom's phone or ride in dad's car, but the toy is undeniably their property. We need to teach kids about the origin and impact of their first property and how it relates to Earth's ecosystems.

Scary 90% of all toys today are made of hard plastic that can't be recycled - most of these toys end up in landfills and oceans or get incinerated. 

It is time to stop buying plastic trash for our kids to play with that they will need to clean it up in the future.

The most recent evidence of this is found in BBC's series War on Plastic, where they discover a mountain of plastic toys in a recycling facility that cannot be recycled and are set aside for incinerators.

Why are we perpetuating the throwaway toy culture? Why do conscious parents still buy plastic toys for kids? We know purchasing such toys is a waste of money and an environmental disaster. Other options make more prudent gifts, such as bullion coins or stock certificates. Besides convenience and peer pressure, kids do not care for these kinds of gifts; strategic gifts like stock certificates don't create that wow moment we all love to see in kids.

Toys make kids happy, and our priority for birthdays and holidays is to make kids happy. We all want to see that smile and joy when the kid receives a new toy. 

We need better toys and a new toy culture rooted in minimalism, sustainability, and quality. Enter TOYMINT.